Quick and Easy Homemade Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List

It’s that time of year again. Holiday commercials have started and gift catalogs are starting to clutter your mailbox weekly. Understandably, you might be overwhelmed, financially or psychologically.

Before you let your gift-giving list drain your bank account and zap you of your holiday cheer, though, consider homemade holiday gifts. Not only do they lighten your economic load, but creating these DIY crafts and packages can help keep you in the true spirit of giving. Here are several easy homemade holiday gifts for everyone on your list:

For Your Significant Other

Keep the home fires burning with a homemade gift of a DIY firewood tote. These instructions by HGTV call for canvas, but you could use any sturdy, washable fabric. Consider red and green plaid to tie it into the season. Then, iron on a decal of their favorite sports team, band or artwork to give it that personal touch.

If there’s a golfer in the family, you could get the kids involved by having them help transform one of their old stuffed animals into club covers. This tutorial from Instructables goes through the necessary steps, but you’ll want to make sure you ask your kids for permission first, lest a meltdown ensue when they see their favorite bear turned into a new loving gift.

For Your Kids and Parents

Repurpose your child’s favorite old blanket, T-shirts or any other no-longer-usable fabric by turning them into throw pillows for their bedroom or play space. Thrift Diving shows you the simple steps to no-sew throw pillows. These easy no-sew sweater pillows from Creme de la Craft also make great homemade holiday gifts for your parents. Even the ugliest sweaters — maybe even ones your parents gave you as a joke gift for holidays past — can be turned into festive pillows.

For Your BFFs

Give your best gal or guy pal the gift of relaxation with homemade bath bombs. Made with Epsom salt and a few other simple ingredients, these spa items fizzle in the bath and help to relax sore muscles. Wellness Mama has the recipe for making your own.

For Your Coworkers

Whether you love or dread the office holiday gift exchange, it’s another gift cost you have to budget. Making things even more difficult are those cases when you may not know enough about the co-worker getting your holiday gift. This is where a generic homemade holiday gift comes in handy, literally.

For your cubicle mate who’s always freezing, embellish a pair of inexpensive store-bought stretch gloves with their name or job title, using sequins and bedazzling glue. Then cut off the fingertips to allow for typing and seal the seams together with double-sided sewing tape. You can usually find stretch gloves at craft and grocery store bins for around $1.

For coffee enthusiasts — meaning just about everyone — make them a felt fabric coffee cup cozy. Choose holiday fabric to keep it festive and personalize with buttons, ribbon or other notions. Follow these simple directions from Popsugar, which offers other simple DIY group gift ideas for coworkers, teachers, neighbors and other groups on your list.

Another way to stretch your dollars this holiday gift-giving season: Check to see if any of your reward credit card points can be used to purchase gift cards. Attaching a homemade holiday gift to one of these cards (perhaps a coffee shop gift card to go along with that cup cozy) shows you put in some thought and effort.

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