Wedding Planning Tips That Consider Your Guests’ Bottom Line

If you’re planning a wedding, you probably know the feeling of sifting through a gazillion wedding planning tips. But here’s one you might not have seen before: Take your guests’ costs into consideration. The bride and groom aren’t the only ones who have to worry about wedding expenses, after all.

While you may be sweating how you’re going to pull off one of the most expensive days of your adult life, it’s important to remember that your guests will have expenses, too. Knowing where your guests will incur costs allows you to be mindful of their wallets when making plans. Here are five costs to keep in mind.

Guest Cost #1: Registry Range

Most — if not all — guests will go through your registry in search of that perfect gift for your wedding, engagement party or bridal shower. However, your guests have varying incomes and obligations. So it’s important to make sure you include gifts with a wide range of price tags in order to accommodate everyone.

Guest Cost #2: Wedding Location

Having a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic isn’t the only way to saddle your guests with travel costs. A simple wedding three states over can mean an extra $800 in airfare for a family of four. And don’t forget rental car fees and hotel expenses. Take care in choosing a hotel, and ask for a hotel block to get a discount. Know some guests who wouldn’t mind sharing a room with someone else? Act as the go-between to help invitees split costs.

Guest Cost #3: Wedding Date

Having your wedding on a weekday may save you a small fortune. But it can cost your guests extra if they need to take a work day off to make it. Also be aware of expensive times of the year to travel to your wedding location, and if possible, plan your date in the offseason to reduce your guests’ airfare costs.

Guest Cost #4: Guests Allowed

You may be dreaming of a plus-one only wedding, with parents leaving their kids at home for the night so they can really cut loose. Just remember that this means that many of your parent friends will likely need to pay for childcare in order to make it to your special event. This doesn’t mean you need to make your wedding kid-friendly, but acknowledging this extra expense may be a gracious act.

Guest Cost #5: Special Attire Needs

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen will need to rent or buy the type of clothing that you choose for them. Be mindful of this cost as you peruse the $200+ rack. Instead, take a look at lower-cost choices or even consider choosing a more flexible attire theme that might allow your bridal party to wear clothing they already own. Some brides are letting bridesmaids choose an outfit of their choice as long as it matches the wedding’s theme color.

Using these wedding planning tips will help you to think about your guests’ needs and your own. Remember that if you make things as accommodating as possible to your guests, then you’re likely to have more friends and family to enjoy your special day with.

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