Why You Should Pay a Visit to the Bank

These days, we’re able to handle so many financial transactions without ever making a visit to the bank. But there are a number of great reasons to stop in at a nearby branch. Many can even save you money. Consider these six motivations.

Meet With a Loan Officer

Discussions about loans are often involved and always important. Speaking with a loan officer face-to-face can help you get all your questions answered so you feel more comfortable about borrowing money. Even better, you may find that your bank has the best rates for mortgages, refinances, business loans or another type of lending vehicle you seek.

Chat With a Financial Advisor

You can speak with financial advisors to discuss other hefty financial needs, like retirement, estate planning, investments* and long-term care insurance*. Interacting with a specialist in person, rather than over the phone or through email, will be more likely to lead to productive discussions about financial products and help you develop trust in those offering advice.

Notarize Papers

Important documents often require a notary to witness you signing them. Getting documents notarized can be expensive, however, especially when they require a number of signatures. Your bank likely offers free notary services for customers.

Protect Your Valuables

If you don’t already have a safe deposit box at a branch, you should consider it. It’s comforting to know that objects you care about are being kept safe inside a locked box in a secure vault. Safe deposit boxes are great places to store family heirlooms, important documents (like your birth certificate) and hard drives containing your favorite photos and videos.

Withdraw Money for Free

It can be painful to pay extra just to withdraw cash from another financial institution’s ATM. Saving money on withdrawals is another great reason to visit your own bank’s ATM or, for a friendlier experience, visit a teller.

Open a New Account

Although you can often set up a new bank account on your computer or phone, doing so inside a branch can be an efficient choice. A specialist can help you choose the right account and answer your questions quickly, so you don’t have to search around for the information you need.

There’s nothing that can quite replace the personal touch of a face-to-face interaction. You’ll feel more confident and secure in your financial choices if you make them at a branch location. You can even skip the line by scheduling an appointment online.

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