Budget-Friendly Children’s Activities for Rainy Days

When your chants of “rain, rain, go away” fail, one thing remains to be done — pulling out tried and true activities to keep your kids occupied. The next time a rainy day — or Monday — gets you down, pull out these budget-friendly children’s activities and enjoy hours of indoor fun while saving money.

Paper Towel Fencing

Have a few paper towel rolls sitting around, plus some duct tape or masking tape? Perfect! That’s all you need to create not one, but two rainy day activities — crafting swords then mock fencing (gently!) with them. The concept is simple. Use two rolls to create a “T,” then secure using an “X” pattern with your favorite tape to keep it in place. Even your youngest child can help with this craft, since it’s so simply done. Pull out markers, glitter glue and stickers and set your children loose to decorate their new swords.

Now that craft time is over, you’ll be ready for your second rainy day activity — gently pretending to fence with those swords. Your little ones will be giggling before you can blink.

Sock Relay

Have drawers or laundry baskets full of socks waiting to meet their match? There’s nothing wrong with making a chore into a fun activity. Set a basket of unmatched socks in front of your kids, grab a stopwatch and let the fun begin. First, coach your little ones on how to sort through and find a set of matching socks. Next, have them roll those socks into a ball, pairing them together and folding one inside out over the other. Finally, have them run that sock to another predetermined point — a table, sock drawer or whatever you choose. Have them race back to tackle the next pair. Set a time limit, and the child who folds and stows the most pairs wins. The best news? Your little one won’t even realize they’ve been working all along. You can also use any leftover unmatched socks to make sock puppets!

Rainy Day Bingo

For rainy day bingo, you can combine multiple activities into a bucket list of fun. Make a list of your family’s favorite indoor games, crafts and activities. Some to consider include:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Board games
  • Cooking
  • Hide-and-seek
  • Movies

Depending on how much you brainstorm, design your bingo card with an appropriate number of rows and columns. Now the challenge is to have the best day ever and hit as many of those activities as possible. As soon as your family gets a bingo, enjoy a reward like ice cream sundaes, hot cocoa or another special treat. You will have empowered your children to help design their own day.

Rainy days may seem to put a momentary damper on fun, but being creative with budget-friendly children’s activities can save the day and help your family make memories. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that matter most.

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